Testing Guidelines and Standards
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360 degree feedback best practice guidelines, 2007
Code of Good Practice for Psychological Testing, 2011
Dyslexia and Occupational Testing, 2006
European Test User Standards
Guidelines on Adapting Tests, 2010
Guidelines on Computer-Based and Internet-delivered Testing, 2005
Guidelines on Quality Control in Scoring, Test Analysis and Reporting of Test Scores, 2012
Guidelines on Test Use, 2000
Guidelines on the Development and use of computer based assessments, 2006
International Guidelines for test use, 2006
International Guidelines on Computer-Based and Internet Delivered Tests, 2007
Levels of test user qualification, 2012
Principles for the Use of Published Psychological Tests in Research, 2007
Psychometric Testing for People with a Hearing Impairment, 2010
Reviewing translated and adapted tests, 2009
Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing, 1999
Statement on Psychometric Evidence, 2008
Test Disclosure Statement, 2007
Test review form and notes for reviewers, English Version
Test Takers Guide, 2008
Test Users Guide, 2008
Test-Taker's Guide to Technology Based Testing, 2010
The Validity of Graphology in Personnel Assessment, 2007
Third Party Observers in Psychological Testing and Assessment, 2007
Use of Psychological Tests in Healthcare Research, 2011
Using Online Assessment Tools for Recruitment, 2010
Visual Impairment and Psychological Testing (2007, BPS)