The creation of comprehensive, current web resource for psychology helps fulfill a key responsibility of the International Union of Psychological Science, that of advancing psychology as an international discipline and ensuring that information about the profession and psychological knowledge are widely disseminated. The IUPsyS, web-editors, and Psychology Press are committed to fulfilling this function. 

Psychology Around the World is a direct descendant of earlier Union products that provided comprehensive international information about psychology. The current web resource builds on the material that was included in the 10 editions of Psychology: IUPsyS Global Resource, a CD Rom that was edited by Bruce and Judith Overmier (2000-2004) and Danny Wedding and Michael Stevens (2005-2009). Their insight and vision created many of the categories in use in Psychology Around the World, and the data they included provides much of the core information. This resource was, in turn, a descendant of the Union's earliest compendia for the discipline - directories of psychological institutions (The IUPsyS Directory, published 1993), and directories of psychologists (International Directory of Psychologists, published 1958, 1966, 1980 and 1985). See History of the CD Rom.

Many people have provided the vision, resources, organization and work that have led to the current web resource. These include:

  • Colleagues at Psychology Press who have had shared the vision and provided the technical know-how to make it real (Rohays Perry, Michael Forster, Paul Dukes, Kate Moysen, Mark Fisher, Sue Wickenden, Paul Watson, Chris Prewett)
  • The Chairs and members of the IUPsyS Committees on Publications and Communication
  • Previous editors of the CD Rom 
  • Those who have edited sections of the CD Rom and provided countless hours of time finding, organizing, and collating material from dates to data.